Cash Registers

Cost Efficient

For new or small businesses, the purchase of a traditional electronic cash register is a more reasonable investment than a point-of- sale system. A cash register is an essential piece of equipment in any retail business. Even low-cost models incorporate functions to record sales, compute change, provide price look-ups and print customer receipts.

Limited Access

Besides making transactions faster, a cash register provides extra security while keeping track of cash and inventory. A locking drawer will also ensure that unauthorized users can’t gain access to cash and checks.Higher end models come with employee tracking, which can help monitor accuracy of transactions and deter internal theft.

Faster Checkout

The cash register interfaces with barcode scanners. This means it has the capability of scanning the barcodes at a faster rate and with a significantly less margin of error. Customers become more satisfied because they will spend less time at checkout, which keeps the lines short and business moving much faster.


No Setup Fee

Next Day Payments

Same Day Setup

No Hidden Fee's

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